Temporary “Land Art” Interventions.

“La Isla Bonita S-Now”

Dimensions: 29 X 13 ft. aprox.

Materials: Snow, Wood, Bycicle and Umbrella. (The same bicycle was used for “El Niágara en Bicicleta” installation on August 2015).

Date: December 2013.

The year I made this intervention was the first time I stayed in New York for the entire Winter. It happened in my backyard, I´m the person in the pictures; same as the next intervention. Thanks to Giovanni Muñoz for his assistance.

“La Isla Bonita S-Pring”

Dimensions: 29 X 13 ft. aprox.

Materials: Grass, Straws, Tire, Skateboard, Plastic Bottles (Flowers) and Mask (Disposable Respirator).

Date: May 2015.

This intervention was created during the Spring 2015, it was supported by Staten Island Arts. The straws were donated by Materials for the Arts. Thanks to Michael Andrade for his assistance.