ISLA and LMProject present


July 21st, 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Corporal Thompson Park, 166 Broadway (between Markham & Wayne)

Staten Island, NY 10310.



“Mariposas Lamps” illuminated sculptures by Lina Montoya 

The Big Good Wolf performance by CityParks PuppetMobile

“Voices of a People’s History” Workshop by Lemon Andersen

Summerstage in association with La Isla Bonita Summer Festival.

Free Event, All Ages, All Nationalities Celebrating Cultural Diversity

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Los Angeles’s Las Cafeteras began out of an attempt to remix Afro-Mexican music. The group has since evolved into a six-piece group, where its members imbue social consciousness within their twist on traditional roots songs. After sharing stages with the likes of Café Tacvba, they’ll be joined by the Colombian luminaries M.A.K.U. SoundSystem and the wide-ranging stylings of the DJ duo iBomba.



Featuring pre-show Voices of A People’s History Workshop with Lemon Andersen.

Andersen is a native New Yorker from Brooklyn, a playwright, television writer, brand creative, and Tony Award-winning poet. Performing a selection of work by: Yuri Kochiyama, “Then Came the War” (1991), Gustavo Madrigal-Piña, “Undocumented and Unafraid” (2011), Howard Zinn, “The Problem Is Civil Obedience” (1970)



The Big Good Wolf performance from the CityParks PuppetMobile, 4pm.

The PuppetMobile is proud to present The Big Good Wolf coming to local parks in 2018. This modern-day fairy tale, starring classic characters from The Three Bears, finds Baby Bear and her friend Goldilocks making it their mission to help change the Big Bad Wolf into good.

All PuppetMobile performances are free of charge and open to the general public. City Parks Foundation and the PuppetMobile are committed to serving neighborhoods in historically under-resourced areas and priority will be given to performance requests in these areas.




The illuminated sculptures are inspired on “One Hundred Years of Solitude” and the Monarch butterfly, which represents the immigrant community. With the yellow butterflies, I intend to give a message of Unity, they represent the presence of the human beings, and how can make an impact in our surroundings.

These pieces pay tribute to the Freedom of human existence.

“Whereas disregard and contempt for human rights have resulted in barbarous acts which have outraged the conscience of mankind, and the advent of a world in which human beings shall enjoy freedom of speech and belief and freedom from fear and want has been proclaimed as the highest aspiration of the common people”. From the preamble of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Considerando que el desconocimiento y el menosprecio de los derechos humanos han originado actos de barbarie ultrajantes para la conciencia de la humanidad, y que se ha proclamado, como la aspiración más elevada del hombre, el advenimiento de un mundo en que los seres humanos, liberados del temor y de la miseria, disfruten de la libertad de palabra y de la libertad de creencias”. Tomado del Preámbulo de la Declaración Universal de los Derechos Humanos.

About the Artist

Lina Montoya A.K.A. Ele Eme is a Staten Island-based artist, professional graphic designer, and muralist. Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia. Her colorful artwork is inspired by the culture, music, literature and indigenous embroidery artwork from Latin America, it’s an ode to the immigrant experience. As the founder of the, an artistic initiative which intends to beautify, transform, activate public spaces and engage communities in collaborative art-making processes, using public address social justice issues. All her artistic interventions intend to celebrate cultural diversity and multilingualism. Montoya has done more than 35 art interventions in NYC only, including mural painting, site-specific, permanent or temporary installations and workshops. Her partners include local and international nonprofit organizations, government agencies, public and private educational institutions in the US, Panama, Mexico, and Colombia.

Festival Background

LMProject and local arts collective ISLA, partnered up in 2015 to create a Summer Festival in the North Shore of Staten Island with the help of the NYC Parks, Partnerships for Parks and California organization Sol Collective – naming it “La Isla Bonita Summer Festival”, named inspired on a series of public art developed by Colombian-born, Staten Island-based artist Lina Montoya under the LMProject. The on-going series aims to transform public spaces around the Island by involving community members in the process of creation public art pieces.

With the goal of building a yearly cultural happening which would celebrate Staten Island’s diverse and vibrant community, La Isla Bonita Festival partner this year with Summerstage 2018 to continue promoting accessible and family-friendly local & global arts and culture for everyone to enjoy.

“People don’t think Staten Island is beautiful, but we want to celebrate the beauty that is here, in ourselves, our friendships and our community relationships. The ultimate goal for all of us is to create something that reflects us,” ISLA founder Nati Conrazon.

Programming for the festival is intentionally chosen to reflect global and local sounds, with bands and DJs who are mixing international urban sounds like past performers Latin Grammy winners Flor de Toloache – Mariachi Femenino, Dolltits, Gingee, Dj Jigüe, Run P., Consumata, Yeti, Dizzle, International Dub Ambassadors and others.

Community organizations from throughout the island and New York City are invited to participate in a day of summer fun – setting up tables to engage the public while they peruse the park and connect with others – while artists set up throughout the park, creating an open-air gallery.

Present and future installments of the festival aim to further demonstrate that “Local is Global” – that our futures are interconnected – and through open dialogue and expression between different cultures, we can inspire new imaginations and solidarities.